Oxileak proof CET

Elastomeric cementitious waterproofing coating withstanding high positive and negative hydrostatic pressures, having excellent crack accommodation before and after immersion and is suitable for potable water applications, Swimming pools, Internal basement waterproofing, Drainage culverts, Wet areas: Kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms and foundations in contact with ground water under saline conditions

Oxiprotect FR

Oxiprotect FR (Formerly knows as Oxibond coat APM) is fire rated Polymer modified protective and waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry having excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions and water, allows water vapour to escape from the Structure. Typical applications includes Façade applications,  Re-facing and re-profiling concrete & masonry surfaces, coating to bridge shrinkage cracks,  coating for water tanks and reservoirs and Backing to marble and granites.

Oxicryst WP XL

Cross laminating Crystalline capillary waterproofing Slurry for cementitious substrates. Oxicryst WP XL is used for waterproofing against the positive or negative sides of hydrostatic heads of water, for damp proofing, repairing cracks, plugging holes, sealing wall – floor joints and stopping active leaks in a wide variety of conditions including :

  • Sewage treatment and water treatment plants, tanks, foundations, tunnels and manholes.
  • Terrace garden, balconies, sunshades etc.
  • Roof and Sunken slabs
  • Industrial and office buildings
  • Reservoirs, water holding structures etc