Oxirelease WB

Oxirelease WB an emulsified blend of mineral oils and nonhazardous chemicals is specially formulated to produce release properties which are superior to those of conventional mould oils. Oxirelease WB is supplied as a sprayable white liquid, ready for direct application on site. The chemically reactive components in provide a water repellent interface which protects formwork and ensures an even colour and texture in the cast concrete thus  providing quick, clean and easy stripping of moulds and formwork and ensure high quality, fair faced and stain free concrete  

Oxirelease SB

OXIRELEASE SB solvent-based mould release agent is a specially formulated blend of mineral oils and selected additives. It is supplied as a low viscosity, pale straw-coloured liquid. On the mould, OXIRELEASE SB provides a chemical release action that is superior to that provided by normal oil-based release agents (Concrete Society categories 1 to 4). Entrapment of air bubbles at the mould surface is minimized, reducing surface blemishes and substantially reducing remedial costs.