Oxicell PE

OXICELL PE is non-extruding, non-absorbent, UV resistant, semi-rigid, highly resilient, bitumen free, cross linked closed cell polyethylene joint filler | Compressible Filler for expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and block work. It is ideal for cushion packaging and is used in many applications, including computer, automotive, construction and recreation.

  • Non-absorbent and non-tainting.
  • it suitable for use in both water excluding and water retaining structures.
  • Cross linked closed cell, UV resistant and semi-rigid·
  • Chemically resistant petroleum solvents, acids, alkalis and oil·
  • Highly resilient - the heat welded laminated structure combines greater rigidity and load support, therefore low load transfer. ·
  • Bitumen-free and rot-proof. Ideal for structures ·
  • Designed to store potable water.
Specification compliance  ·
  • Pertinent clauses of BS 4443.
  • BS 5628 Part 3 “Use of Masonry “ Para 20, 4. ·
  • DoT Specification of High way Works, 1986  Part3 Clause 1015 (Bridges).
  • Complies clauses of ASTM D 1751, ASTM D 1752, ASTM D 545, ASTM D3575·       Drinking Water Test Passed as per BS6920·       WRAS Approved

Oxicell NEO

OXICELL NEO Closed Cell Neoprene is highly resilient and flexible black closed cell neoprene expansion joint | compressible filler. OXICELL NEO. Closed Cell Neoprene is resistant to oils and most solvents and has excellent weathering and ozone characteristics. Available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Oxicell Neo Closed Cell Neoprene Expansion Joint Filler should be installed against the forms or other adjacent abutting structures, as detailed on the plans, before placing concrete. It can be easily cut to size on the job with a utility knife. On site cutting enables the contractor to always have on hand the exact size required, eliminating overbuying of various sizes.Joint Filler | Compressible Filler


Bitumen Impregnated Joint Filler / Protection Board (Flexile sheet) OXIBOARD FLEXILE SHEET is compressible bitumen impregnated soft board expansion joint filler. The impregnated soft board is made from wood chips and wood waste, mechanically reduced to fibers which are then pressed to form a continuous sheet which is then cut to size. Bitumen is incorporated into the board during manufacture to improve its moisture resistance, damp resistance and durability. Ideal to form movement joints in in‐situ concrete, construction joints in precast concrete construction. Structural expansion joints in concrete slabs, basements, retaining walls and other concrete wall construction. Protection of waterproofing membrane from mechanical abuse and against backfill.

  • Concrete pavements and floors
  • Roads, ramps and runways
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Concrete retaining walls and bridges
  • Concrete basement structures
Specification compliance Complies with the pertinent type SBI requirements of BS 1142: 1989 “Fiber building boards “and ASTM D 1751 (Compression, Extrusion and Recovery Only.) Colour‐Brown or Dark Brown 10% , 20%, 35% Bitumen content Extrusion ‐Very minimal when subjected to  50%compression Recovery ‐ <85% (ASTM D1751) Thickness tolerance ‐± 7% Width tolerance ‐±3.0mm Length Tolerance ‐±5.0mm Size ‐ 1.22m x 2.20m, 1.22m x 2.44m (Other sizes are available on request ) Thickness ‐12mm, 18mm, 19mm and 25mm