Oxicast PHT

High performance pile top fairing grout and cementitious void filler and  may be applied in sections of between 15 and 250 mm thick Oxicast PHT is suitable for use where structural continuity is required in the filling of voids, and is typically applied in the following situations :

  • Pile cap reprofiling
  • General void filling

Oxicast EPT

Piletop encapsulation and Bridge bearing epoxy resin system designed for grouting purpose in a range from 15-50 mm. This high performance fluid resin system is designed to encapsulate pile tops and bridge bearing.The applied product is continuously bonded to the pile surface and prevents water seepage either through capillaries or along the reinforcement path. When applied the product accepts the application of most types of self adhesive or torch applied membranes.

Oxicast EPT