OXICOAT is a thixotropic bitumen emulsion manufactured to comply with ASTM D1227 Type III Class 1 . The coating is dark brown in color and dries to black flexible protective film. The finished films are tough and forms a barrier to water and vapor transmission. Advantages

  • Resists the attack of salts that are present in the soil and underground water
  • Non Fibrated
  • Adheres to concrete, metal, wood and cork
  • Non-flammable.

Oxiprime SB D41

OXIPRIME SB is a premium quality, quick drying solvent based bitumen primer. It acts as a primer and sealer coal for masonry and concrete to improve the bonding of bituminous materials.

  •  Binder for dust particles.
  •  Improves the bond of bituminous materials.
  • Cold applied, does not require heating, thinning and mixing.
  • Anti corrosive
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungus
ASTM D 41 Asphalt primer for roofing, damp proofing and waterproofing BS 3416 Bitumen based coating for cold application, suitable for use in contact with potable water.

Oxiprime SB G

OXIPRIME SB-G is a blend of bitumen, solvents and adhesion promoter designed for application on concrete or cement-bond structures as a vapour and damp-proofing barrier. Oxiprime SB-G is a low viscosity liquid easily applied by brush, roller, or airless spray.  It is particularly recommended for very rough uneven surface where the use of trowelling grade bitumen mastic would be difficult.  Oxiprime SB-G can be applied on damp surface and equally effective as a concrete curing compound.

  • Economical damp-proofing and vaopour barrier.
  • Ready to apply.
  • Resistant to alkalies, acids and organic matter in soils.
  • Concrete curing compound
  • Excellent adhesion to dry or damp surfaces
Complies BS6949:1991and ASTM C 309